Victoria Leyva Founder of Do My Closet

I started Do My Closet in March 2018 as a social media project for my Social Media class in undergrad. We were instructed to create a brand, for either a product or service, in which we would be able to connect with people through social media. After graduating from Marketing at the University of Houston, I decided to continue with my school project because I thought this was the perfect way to combine my two passions: organization and fashion.

I believe our closets are a reflection of our personality and, often, our state of mind. This can be shown by what we buy, the amount we buy, the colors that we wear, and how we store our clothes. Ever since I was little, I have loved to organize my closet space, color coding my clothes and shoes. For me, it has always been stress-relieving to put on good music and work on space.



I know that people can be overwhelmed by that idea, especially if their closets are anything but organized. Do My Closet is my way of helping others find a way to show off the “personality” of their closets, rediscover lost treasures along the way, maximize the storage space in the closet, and, most importantly, just overall make their day-to-day routine appear a tad bit more seamless. In fact, one of my favorite things about Do My Closet is getting to know my clients and helping them achieve a sense of calmness by liberating them from clutter. Although it started off as essentially a school project, Do My Closet has become much more to me than that; it has become a learning experience as well. Not only have I learned to be more of a businesswoman, I have also learned from my clients themselves. I am often amazed at how their personalities and cultural backgrounds influence the colors and shapes of the clothes that they wear. My clients have been incredibly amazing to me. Their trust is one of the most rewarding feelings at the end of the day, once all is said is done.

At the end of the day, I love that my clients can feel like they are shopping at their own boutique when entering their closets. As I mentioned before, I love re-introducing my clients to items that they love but also encouraging them to donate what they no longer need. Often time, it helps make space to welcome new (fun) items! This experience has definitely been rewarding to me. I am definitely looking forward to working on more closets.